Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson.. This Is It

I was getting ready to write when a notification came: Michael Jackson died! My first question was: THE Michael Jackson?I heard that Farrah Fawcett, one of the firsts Charlie's Angels had died after a long brave fighting with anal cancer. But Michael Jackson?

But in seconds everything is crystal-clear: Michael Jackson is gone! The King of Pop is dead. Long Live The King.

He was preparing his last tour "This is it" this mid July. And he had made his press conference -- which turmed out to be the last -- and greeted his fans all over the world. No one know it would be his last "performance" ever. We might had lost the chance to see him performed in stage for the last time. But THIS IS IT!! I guess his works, his legacy will always stay in the heart of people who had known him — by name or personally — and hope the ups and downs of his life will remain well written for the generation to come. Let’s remember him fairly as a human being, with all his good and bad deeds, with all his strength and weaknesses. I hope he will find found the peace of mind he yearned and never had in his life.

Silently I said a little prayer -- quoting his brother Jermaine Jackson farewell words -- for him:
May Allah be with you Michael, always

Hope you will find the happiness you always seek in your life time, Michael. Life goes on...


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